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Can City-Data Forum Find Scholarships and Grants for Students? City-Data Forum: An article discussing the applicability of City-Data Forum as a source to find Scholarships and grants.
Scholarship Directory The City-Data Forum may not be the optimum website to find scholarships, and grant information. A better choice may be to try our Scholarship Directory. Our Schoarship Directory targets financial-aid, scholarships, and grants whereas City-Data Forum targets population data. .
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City-Data Forum is quick to ban users who disagree the forum administrators. You can avoid being banned by refusing to sign-up.
International Scholarships City-Data Forum may not be suitable for International students. City-Data Forum mainly targets U.S. men and women.

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College ScholarshipsCan Forum Find Scholarships and Grants for Students?

Can City-Data.Com Forum Find Scholarships and Grants for Students? Forum is useful for finding information about new areas of interests, amusing cities, or towns, and other cheesy information. City-Data.Com Forum has thousands, if not millions of users. The City-Data.Com Forum, on the other hand has also been accused of questionable data, censorship, and even hate speech. Amid these reports, can a student, mom, or woman find any useful scholarships, grants, or financial-aid on the City-Data.Com Forum website?

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College ScholarshipsWhat College students need to know about City-Data.Com

The City-Data.Com website boasts a wide array of statistics about "residents (race, income, ancestries, education, employment...), geographical data, state profiles, crime data, sex offenders, housing, businesses, local news links based on our exclusive technology, birthplaces of famous people, political contributions, city government finances and employment, weather, hospitals, schools, libraries, houses, airports, radio and TV stations, zip codes, area codes, air pollution, water systems and their health and monitoring violations, comparisons to averages, professionally written city guides..", as well as information about crime, rent, moving, travel, fashion, relationships, race, etc. It is easy to understand how the discussion can get volatile at times.
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College ScholarshipsInvestigation of City-Data.Com Finds Link to Disturbing Revelation, and few Scholarships or Grants.

College students seeking scholarships, grants, and financial-aid may find few such scholarships on City-Data.Com. Although the website is frequently referenced by the naive mainstream media, and has appeared in 40 books, popular radio stations, and has been quoted in several newspapers, City-Data.Com is not a friendly place to search for scholarships or grants. A cloud of suspicion surfaced about the City-Data.Com data collection practices in 2008 when invesitgation reporters associated with our News subsidiary began an investigation. For more details, please refer to the contents below, or review the Scholarship Blog.

College ScholarshipsCity-Data.Com Forum is not a RECOMMENDED portal for scholarships or grants

We recommend college students seeking college scholarships to consider the numerous scholarships, grants, and financial-aid that National Academy of American Scholars sponsors each month.

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College ScholarshipsBeware of Data-Sharing with City-Data.Com Forum

In May of 2008, or thereabouts, an investigation by NAAS DEIA (Domestic Electronic Information Analysts) conducted an invesitgation of the posting, membership, and data-sharing policies of City-Data.Com. In that investigation of City-Data.Com, analysts discovered facts that suggest or imply that the City-Data Forum might also be related to suspicious websites linked to the brothel business. Details and facts that support this suspicion have been reported in the past, but came to light again because a representative contacted this website.

Using undercover techniques, users of were carefully tracked and their posts monitored. As is typical in investigative reporting, persons using their own computers were recruited to post various fictitious messages on over 50 different topics pretending to be a bonafide user of services. Over twenty different computers from 10 different locations were used to generate a pure response. At no time, however, was spamming conducted since users were using their own devices and conformed to the posted rules. The objective was not to spam City-Data.Com but to investigate why certain insensitive posts were allowed to remain; arrogance and elitism by moderators; why posts that suggested a negative opinion towards certain racial groups and women were allowed; and, how data is shared or used by CityData.Com. During the course of the investigation, certain disturbing facts not related to the original objectives were also discovered.

City-Data.Com Investigation

Of the topics posted on the CityData.Com website, 20 were related to race, 15 were related to politics, and 7 were related to internatonal issues. All posts that were related to race that denigrated or demeaned certain groups were left uncensored and allowed to remain open. Posts that were related to race that denigrated or demeaned certain other groups were either closed within 24 hours and/or the user's account was disabled.

College ScholarshipsFree-Speech Complaint by City-Data.Com Forum

Why is City-Data.Com so afraid of these facts? On January 27, 2014, a representative claiming to be associated with forwarded to us a notice that claimed our content was defamatory, and demanded the removal of the content. Interesting! Despite 10 million site views per month of the City-Data.Com website, City-Data wants to hire an attorney to prevent 1 view of the data posted on this site. This is the sort of elitist and arrogant behavior first reported in 2008, and an example as to why users should re-think their use of the CityData.Com website. What's proper for CityData.Com is apparently improper for others. Let me get this straight. has selectively allowed posts that use the N-word, homosexual slurs, detailed discussions of the b-word for women, vocal attacks on Jews, and also lists other lurid forms of personal data, but legitimate posts ABOUT the data practices of are defamatory? Users should let know that Americans will not be pushed around by CityData.Com arrogance, and that their services can easily be replaced.

For more information related to City-Data.Com, and what disturbing facts were discovered, please refer to the Scholarship Blog. Scholarship Blog Reporter Ron Thomas picks up the baton, and sprints forward with the rest of the story about City-Data.Com and why moms,children, and women, should be careful about visiting a website like

College ScholarshipsNo City-Data.Com Forum College Scholarships

We are not aware of any City-Data.Com College Scholarships, grants, or financial-aid options for moms, working adults, or women.

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