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Teachers are assaulting students at record numbers. Many of these convicted teachers are either sentenced to No Jail time or very little jail time. Even Teachers merely accused of sexual assault are retaining their positions.

Mission of the Student Victim Fund

Unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for schools or courts to help the students that were victimized. Oftentimes, students who were traumatized or victimized must hire expensive attorneys or either just settle for being a victim.

The mission of this fund is to raise funds for victims, raise awareness of this crisis, and reward students, and parents, and others, who help expose teacher predators. Students and parents should be empowered to Take Back the Classroom!
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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidConsumer Allegations Against SPM Resorts, Inc. Scary Information

This is a continuing series on SPM Resorts, Inc. A consumer claims that evidence on file with the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs Undermines Claims by SPM Resorts, Inc. Documentation shows that the consumer was concerned that either SPM Resorts, Inc. and/or Bluebeard's Castle Hilltop Villas III had hired or recruited a collection agency to augment a false-invoice billing scheme. The consumer wrote a second notice to SPM Resorts, Inc., copy attached to to Mr. Quitman of Meridian Financial Services, requesting verification of the debt or to cease writing to the consumer unless the company could produce substantiation of the alleged debt.

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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidCertified Letter to SPM Resorts, Inc. and Registered Agents Ignored.

The consumer states that a copy of the letter was sent to the legal department of SPM Resort Inc., its Registerd Agent William R. Young, Wyndham Resorts, Fairfield Resorts, Inc., Equivest St. Thomas, Inc., Meridian Financial Services, Inc., and Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III.

Public records indicate the letter demanded the following evidence:

  1. A lawfully recorded Grant, Bargain, and Sale Deed evidencing direct ownership by Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III, or one its members or affiliates of the subject interval time-share unit;
  2. Evidence from a U.S. Virgin government agency that a Grant, Bargain, and Sale Deed has been recorded in the name of the claimed debtor, and that this recording predates the Meridian debtor notice (June 11, 2007) by at least 7 years;
  3. A legible, certified, copy of the original purported “purchase agreement” from a lawfully registered and *independent title company — not affiliated with Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III — that authorizes SPM Resorts, Inc., and/or its predecessors or assigns, to invoice the claimed debtor or specific alleged “fees”;
  4. Evidence or documentation that the claimed debtor wilfully, knowingly, and volunteered to execute, and did execute, a promissory note to Fairfield Resorts, Inc., or any member of the Gang;
  5. Evidence or documentation that any promissory note to Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III by the claimed debtor is on file with a lawfully registered AND independent title company that predates the Meridian debtor notice (June 11, 2007) by at least 7 years;
  6. Evidence or documentation that any promissory note to Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III by the claimed debtor has an outstanding balance, AND evidence of past “loan” payments made by the claimed debtor to Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III;
  7. Evidence or documentation through the period from July 1st, 1994, to the current date below, that substantiates claims by Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III of submittig periodic invoices to the claimed debtor;
  8. A copy of all lawsuits filed against Fairfield Resorts, Inc., SPM Resorts, Inc., and the Bluebeard’s Castle Pirates’ Pension Condominium Association, Bluebeard Castle Hilltop Villas, III, within the past two years;
  10. The complete name and address of the specific person from SPM Resorts who recruited Meridian Financal Services to pursue an alleged debt against the claimed debtor;
  11. Copies of all records, documents, notes, a certified judgement(s), and/or any other documentation from the Gang that substantiates the legal validity of the debt;
  12. Documentary evidence that time-share interval in question has not been demolished, is currently inhabitable, and is currently in compliance with all relevant building, planning, and tenant codes per U.S. Virgin Island local laws.

ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidNo Timely Response to Certified Letter to SPM Resorts, Inc. and Registered Agents Ignored.

Neither SPM Resorts, Inc., the collection agency that it recruited (Meridian Financial Services, Inc.), or their alphabetic affiliates had issued a response to these questions in the time frame requested.

However, a second employee of Meridian Financial Services, Inc., named Robert Mills managed to get his company further in the hole with SPM Resorts, Inc.

Violation of 18 U.S.C. §1028, as well as a violation of U.S. mail fraud

On or about July 9th, 2007, Mr. Robert Mills of Meridian Financial Services, Inc., sent to the consumer via the U.S. mails what appeared to be a hastily prepared back-dated document that purported to be a “deed” recorded as late as “May 16th, 2007.”

Prior to this date, the consumer claims he/she had not seen such a document or been made aware of its existence. Neither did SPM Resorts, Inc. or its client BlueBeards Castle Hilltop Villas III produced such a document when the consumer originally sought evidence of the debt.

The consumer insists that the documentation sent by Meridian Financial Services, Inc, a back-dated recorded deed, was done without the explicit notarized consent of the consumer. An examination of the alleged phony deed shows the names of Charlene Lehto, an alleged witness; Susan Clifton, an alleged Notary Public; Sharon David, director of Title Services of Equivest St. Thomas, Inc; Lashunda Davenport, Assistant Secretary, an employee of Fairfield Resorts, Inc; and, Jacqueline Taylor, a Notary Public, employed in the state of Florida.

Out of all the signatures appearing on the document, the most important signature (the purported owner) was missing. How about that ?? Let me repeat. No where on the document prepared by SPM Resorts, Inc. and its client BlueBeards Castle Hilltop Villas III was there an actual signature, consent, and authorization by the purported owner and, in this case, the alleged debtor. Put another, either you or I can create a phony deed in the name of another person, and claim that the persons owes you money. 99.9% of all real estate transactions make provisions that both parties to the transaction must agree.

This Publisher is not an attorney or prosecutor. However, it would appear to be common sense that using the name of another person in a recorded deed suggests evidence of a violation of federal identity-theft statutes. Use of the U.S. mails to collect payments on the premise of fraud is a violation of mail fraud statutes.

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