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All you need to know about Nursing, and the licensing of Nurses in a single, easy to read, and collapseable file. Nursing is in demand, and we are happy to provide scholarships, and financial-aid to Nursing students.
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Nursing Careers

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Nurses LicensingAll you need to know about Nurses,tuition, and the licensing of Nurses

Nursing Careers
Nursing Careers

Nursing is one the hottest professions in the U.S.A. Just the other day, when I visited a friend in the Hospital, I was amazed at the diversity of medical staff, and the glowing faces of men and women Nurses, and Nursing assistants. The demand for Nursing jobs continues to acclerate, and unlike many other non-technical careers, Nursing jobs are almost automatic. You would have to be an 'F' student not to get a Nursing job after you graduate.

Reading Nursing literature can be pretty dry. So, we try to add a little humor. Smile! Listen. There are few jobs in the U.S.A. that come with the satisfaction of helping another human in need. Nursing is one of those professions. To be a Nurse, you need to be licensed. Imagine if your friend Sally wanted to be a Nurse simply becasse she needed a job, but she lacked the training. A local Board of Nursing will ensure that whomever desires to be a Nurse is licensed and untrained.

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Nurses LicensingImportance of Licensing for Nurses.

Unlike the U.S.A. Today newspaper, U.S.A. Today College, or Bloomberg News, or Yahoo, and many other national media organizations that flippantly call their favorite financial-aid source or media pet source as a so-called Financial-Aid Expert, a nurse needs to be issued a license by a governmental entity, and be certified as an expert before they even touch a live human being.

Fortunately, we have something called a Board of Nursing dictating the licensing requirements, and degree of expertise of Nursing students and not the national media or unethical reporters who loosely use the phrase Financial-Aid Expert without regard to legitimate financial-aid expertise.

A Nursing license issued by a governmental entity (e.g., the state board of nursing [BON]) provides assurance to the public that the nurse has met predetermined standards. We do not have to worry about U.S.A. Today, Bloomberg News, and suspect main-stream media organizations defining Nursing expertise standards the same way they have deceptively and fraudulently defined who, and what is a Financial-Aid Expert

Nursing  Careers

Nursing Careers: State board of nursing [BON]

Licensure benefits both the public and the individual nurse because essential qualifications for nursing practice are identified; a determination is made as to whether or not an individual meets those qualifications; and an objective forum is provided for review of concerns regarding a nurse’s practice when needed. Licensure benefits nurses because clear legal authorization for the scope of practice of the profession is established. Licensure also protects the use of titles. Only a licensed nurse is authorized to use certain titles (i.e., registered nurses [RNs], licensed practical/vocational nurses [LPN/ VNs], advanced practice registered nurses [APRNs], etc.) or to represent themself as a licensed nurse

Nursing Careers: Function of Board of Nursing

The putpose of Board of Nursing is to protect the public’s health by overseeing and assuring the safe practice of nursing. Board of Nursing in U.S. states and territories were created to protect the public from the unsafe, incompetent or unethical practice of nursing. BONs achieve this mission by establishing the standards for safe nursing care and issuing licenses to practice nursing. Once a license is issued, the Board of Nursing holds licensees to provisions defined in state/territorial laws and when necessary, takes action against the licenses of those nurses who have exhibited unsafe nursing practice. The BONs in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories—Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands—comprise the membership of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. (NCSBN®). Four states have two BONs, one for RNs and one for LPN/VNs: California, Georgia, Louisiana and West Virginia. One state, Nebraska, has a separate board for APRNs.

Nursing Careers: Evaluating Nursing Licensure Applications

Board of Nursing associations review the information submitted in applications for initial licenses from new graduates of nursing programs or internationally educated nurses, and endorsement from nurses licensed in other states

Nursing Careers: Renewal of Nursing License

Board of Nursing associations establish procedures for nurses to apply for periodic renewal of their licenses. Some states require demonstration of continuing education, practice hours or other activities as part of the renewal requirements.

Nursing Careers: Issuing Nursing Licenses

Board of Nursing associations base licensure decisions, for both initial licensure and licensure by endorsement, on whether or not applicants meet all the requirements for licensure as set forth in individual state statutes and rules.

  • Board of Nursing associations WILL NOT grant you a Nursing license or certify you as a Nursng Expert based upon your popularity with the National Media, or how cozy you are with Suze Orman
  • Board of Nursing associations WILL NOT grant you a Nursing license or certify you as a Nursng Expert based upon your employment,promotion of, or accumulation of Scholarship Points.
  • Board of Nursing associations WILL NOT grant you a Nursing license or certify you as a Nursng Expert based the employment of a relative, friend, or spouse wthin the Federal Trade Commission, or another governmental agency.

Scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for nursing students may be obtained by visiting the website of National Academy of American Scholars.

Nursing Careers: Taking Disciplinary Action Against Nurses

Through a disciplinary process, Board of Nursing associations may take action against the licenses of individuals who violate laws or rules. Disciplinary actions taken by BONs may include reprimand, probation, limited or restricted practice, suspended practice and license revocation. Grounds for discipline focus on behaviors that place the public at risk of harm. Statutory language differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but grounds typically include unprofessional conduct, incompetent practice, unethical practice and criminal convictions.

Nursing Careers: More Powers of Board of Nursing Associations

Board of Nursing associations may be responsible for authorizing the use of licensing examinations; advising on the determination of the legal scope of nursing practice in a state; approving nursing education programs by determining whether established criteria are met; regulating advanced nursing practice; and regulating nurse aides/nursing assistants and medication aides/assistants working in nursing home and home health care settings.

Nursing Careers: Board of Nursing Associations Administrative Rules/Regulations

One of the most important authorities granted to BONs is the ability to develop administrative rules that are used to clarify or make statutes more specific. Rules/regulations must be consistent with the NPA, cannot go beyond the law and once enacted, have the force and effect of law. The process of public review of these rules (promulgation) includes opportunity for comment. Nurses and nursing students who may be affected if rules are implemented or who are interested in the issues presented may wish to contribute to the rule-making process by submitting written comments or by participating in rule-making hearings.

Nursing Carers: The Nurse Practice Act (NPA)

State/territorial legislatures enact NPAs that define how nursing is regulated in their jurisdiction. The NPA sets forth the requirements for licensure and defines the scope of nursing practice. BONs implement the NPA by establishing administrative rules that further define the qualifications for licensure, define the scope of practice and limit the use of titles.

Each jurisdiction has the authority for the legal regulation of nursing. Legislatures enact the NPA for a jurisdiction. An NPA typically

  • Defines the authority of the Board of Nursing Associations, its composition and powers;
  • Defines nursing and the boundaries of the scope of nursing practice;
  • Identifies types of licenses and titles;
  • States the requirements for licensure;;
  • Establishes educational program standards;;
  • Protects titles; and;
  • Determines the grounds for disciplinary action, other violations and possible remedies;

The NPA may also identify situations when licensure is not required (e.g., in cases of an emergency) In a nutshell, the NPA sets forth the requirements for licensure and defines the scope of nursing practice.


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