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Subject: -- Do Media awards really mean anything??

NEWS, Commentary & Analysis
This brief Media Report contains a subject matter of general and public interest, and should be read only by persons interested in the subject and contents therein.

Introduction and Summary Background of Report
Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s recently released a new book in which he blamed the Bush administration for employing a "political propaganda campaign" and massive deception to drag the United States of America and her allies into an "unnecessary war" in Iraq. Understandbly, his new book has unleashed a wave of criticism from the Republican right. The new book is entitiled "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception."

The Barack Obama political campaign used the book to counter charges by Republican candidate Senator John McCain that the Democratic front-runner lacked experience in relation to Iraq. Along with New York Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John McCain was one of the willing puppets who voted to authorize the war. "On the day after the former White House press secretary conceded that the Bush administration used deception and propaganda to take us to war, it seems odd that Senator McCain, who bought the flawed rationale for war so readily, would be lecturing others on their depth of understanding about Iraq," read a statement issued by the Obama campaign.

The unpopular Iraq war has cost over one million Iraqi lives and has resulted in the death, or murder, and disfigurement of thousands of U.S. troops. According to the former White House press secretary, and several other former members of the White House, the Iraq war was launched through "deception and propaganda."

Even more startling was his revelation in regards to the media. The U.S. government, McClellan claims, fed the American public false propaganda for war. Knowing the information to be false, incomplete, and unsubstantiated, he accused the main-stream media of being a willing accomplice of the Bush administration in deceiving the American people. He added that the so-called “‘liberal media’ didn’t live up to its reputation," and, most damning of all, referred to them—quite accurately—as "complicit enablers" of murder and destruction.

In researching the background of many of thses reporters, many have been awarded fairly prestigious awards for their so-called writing and reporting abilities.

The central focus of this report, is 'Do media Awards Really Mean Anything'? Is there a quantifiable correlation between media awards and honesty, ethics, and accuracy?? Of course not. Read on!

Media Admissions of Prostitution by CNN,NBC, CBS and ABC
Like the push to elevate Mr. Adolph Hitler in the 1940s, many main-stream U.S.-based media organizations served as lap dogs for the post 9-11 era of 2001. With all due respect, this Publisher regards any member of the White House as a person to be respected, and admired for their achievment of employment in the same corridors as the President of the United States. To be hand-picked by the President of the United States to serve as his chief spokesperson is certainly quite an honor that no can deny.

Therefore, this Publisher treats both former and current White House employees in the same honorable regard. In response to the meritorious charges by the honorable former White House employee, Mr. Scott McClellan, some members of the media made partial admissions that McClellan’s charges had merit. CNN’s correspondent Jessica Yellin, who later appeared on the cable news network, acknowledged that news executives pressured her and others to "put on positive stories about the president." She added that "they would edit my pieces...they would turn down stories that were more critical."

Appearing together on the “Today”, the three mains-stream news anchors (Canadian-born Mr. Brian Williams of NBC, Ms. Katie Couric of CBS, and Mr. Charlie Gibson of ABC) were asked about McClellan’s indictment of the media. The ex-press secretary’s assessment was “fairly accurate,” Couric acknowledged.

Canadian-born Williams said that the White House and the Pentagon exerted enormous pressure on the news media to stick to the propaganda line. "The tone of the time was quite extraordinary."

In fact, the period leading up to the invasion saw the biggest demonstrations in history, in the US and around the world, with tens of millions taking to the streets to oppose a war that was not substantiated with any idependent facts. French, Chinese, numerous Middle Eastarn, and even Russian leaders begged the current administration not to go to war; they argued there was no evidence to support the administrations's claim that the Iraqi people had Weapons of Mass Destructon, or that their leader had ties to certain extremists organizations.

The Value of Media Awards
Much ado about nothing
Indeed, the same reporters covering the Iraq war and the chief media correspondents had impeccable credentials. For example, Brian Williams is the seventh anchor and managing editor in the history of "NBC Nightly News," which represents the largest single daily source of news in America. Recently, Williams became the most honored network evening news anchor. He received four Edward R. Murrow awards, his fifth Emmy award, the duPont-Columbia University award and the industry's highest honor, the George Foster Peabody award.

Charles Gibson is allegedly the recipient of the Polk Award; which is supposedly represents a means of recognizing the excellence in journalism.

On September 5, 2006, Katherine Anne "Katie" Couric became the first solo female anchor of the weekday evening news on one of the three traditional U.S. broadcast networks. She currently serves as the anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News, having replaced Bob Schieffer on September 5, 2006. Schieffer served as the interim anchor following the departure of long time anchor and managing editor Dan Rather on March 9, 2005.

Many criticized the move by CBS to promote Couric to the broadcast chair. The criticism centered on Couric's obvious lack of experience in hard journalism. Her obvious lack of credentials necessary to be a sole anchor of the CBS Evening News, when compared to previous anchors such as Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite, who was named in multiple viewer polls "The Most Trusted Man in America."

Amid rumblings that her selection was based more upon an Affirmative Action quota, and a desire to reach similar-brained women,Couric weathered the storm. Nonetheless, many still view her as not very articulate, that she is not very independent, that she is not all that bright, that her choices for prime-time news are largely entertainment vs. substance.

Despite criticisms from notable anchors such as Dan Rather, and lost male viewership, little girl Katie has managed to win a number of media awards like the men.

NASFAA, NACAC, Federal informant, and Jane Bryant Quinn
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