Frequently Asked Questions: A common sense guide of Scholarship FAQS
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ScholarshipPoints: Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-AidFrequently Asked Questions: A common sense guide of Scholarship FAQS

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Frequently Asked Questions. A professional resource and listing of frequently asked questions concerning scholarships, grants, and financial-aid for high-school students, collegians, as well as moms, minorities, and women. We understand that you may have questions concerning our programs for earning scholarship points, or for being nominated to obtain scholarships, grants, and financial-aid.

Since 1988, we have sponsored over $1 million worth of scholarships, grants, and financial-aid. We award scholarship points to eligible students who engage our Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid programs via a variety of social media channels and by completing a formal online scholarship application that evaluates each applicant on the basis of merit, integrity, and scholarly traits.

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In order to fully comprehend the type of, methods, and objective of the various scholarships, grants, and financial-aid sponsored by National Academy of American Scholars, it is necessary to first review our extensive Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid FAQ sections. We explain in sections what is exactly needed to earn scholarships points, how the scholarship points are used, how merit, integrity, and academic merit is incorporated in the decision-making process, and etc.

Scholarships FAQS

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NAAS Icon Most Frequently Asked Questions for Scholarships, Grants, and Financial-Aid.
*Frequently Asked Questions of NAAS Scholarship Awards*

Q What are the NAAS Awards and why are they so popular?
A NAAS Awards are pure, merit-based, economically-oriented incentives based upon the noble premise of recognizing and encouraging youth to pursuse their educational dreams and ambitions. The awards are popular because parents, educators, and students realize the simplicity and usefulness of NAAS Awards.

Q What is the objective of NAAS Awards?
A The objective of NAAS awards are to benefit humanity without regard to a student's ethnicity, affiliation status, choice of school, choice of major, parental income, religious association, parental employer, and/or class-societal affiliations. By these standards, the competition is pure and the standards are high because the selection and retention process is not diluted by social or political factors that are beyond the control of the student.

Q Why am I being charged a subscription fee?
A The Annual NAAS Subscription fee ensures that your school or institution or household will receive complete NAAS forms for each year that you are an active subscriber.

Q What are the benefits to NAAS Subscribers?
A There are many benefits of becoming an NAAS Subscribers. First, you have access to a full suite of NAAS products and services without being assessed an administrative/processing fee for completed applications. Secondly, you have access to NAAS Award applications via Fax,Mail, and Member-privileged areas.

Q I paid for an NAAS subscription over a year ago, why am I still being charged a subscription fee from NAAS?
A All subscription fees are automatically renewed each year through our third-party vendors unless user cancels at least 72 days prior to the eve of the initial subscription.

Q What other awards and financial-aid packages does National Academy of American Scholars support?
A Natonal Academy of American Scholars supports all grants, loans, and financial-aid products of its sponsors and affiliates.

Q Many students and educators are confused about SIGMI XI chapters using the NAAS trademark in its literature and marketing efforts. Does National Academy of American Scholars sponsor SIGMI XI chapters?
A No. National Academy of American Scholars DOES NOT sponsor ANY SIGMI XI chapters.The United States Patent & Trademark Office has NOT approved of the conduct of SIGMA XI.

Q Does NAAS control the billing practices of third-party vendors like Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express?
A NAAS does not control, edit, or monitor the collection or billing practices of third-party vendors.

Q Are the billing/electronic systems of Paypal, and their third-party vendors, perfect, and 100% free from error?
A No. NAAS does not control, edit, or participate in the website programming or selection of vendors used by Paypal. In more than one instance, NAAS has found flaws in the Paypal merchant area such as non-working customer resolution buttons, and the failure to investigate bogus claims by illegitimate consumers. We have also found flaws in the Paypal chat service. After numerous testing, and the input of phony characters, the Paypal chat service is not staffed by a real person, but is in fact automated. In fa

Q Where may I receive NAAS literature for free?
A Guidance counselors of select institutions may have copies of NAAS literature. Students may inquire about copies of NAAS awards at their local library or from their school guidance counselor.

Q How do I remove my name and address from the NAAS Bad Check Registry?
A Debtors with an outstanding debt are listed in NAAS Bad Check Registry until the debt is paid.

Q How do I pay an NAAS outstanding check debt?
A All payments must be made electronically, via PayPal. We do not accept checks from persons with a history of writing bad or fraudulent checks.

Q I am a small business owner with many bad checks from customers. May I list those checks with NAAS?
A Yes, if you are a paid subscriber.

Q Are NAAS Awards strictly a form of financial aid?
A No. NAAS Awards are not loans, grants, prizes, and are not intended to be a form of financial aid that must be specifically used for the purpose of financing an education at an institution of higher learning or a post-secondary school. The awards may be used subject to the program descriptions. As a general rule, NAAS Awards do not need to be re-paid back and the monies distributed are the property of the recipient who has the sole discretion to use the funds for any educational, humanitarian, civic, and/or theological endeavor. Funds need not be re-paid barring any evidence that such funds were obtained by a recipient through fraud, misrepresentation, or the concealment or deliberate omission of material facts.

Q Are the awards need-based?
A No. Financial or economic need is not a basis during any phase of the selection, retention, and/or renewal of an NAAS Award.

Q Are the awards guaranteed?
A No. No awards are guaranteed. No award amounts are guaranteed. Sponsor does not make any express or implied guarantees or promises with respect to any aspect of the subject program. We do not guarantee any aspect of any products and/or services mentioned or featured in the subject web presentation. Neither shall Sponsor or program administrator(s) make any promises or guarantees with respect to the success of the end-use of any products or services cited under this web site.

Q How may I obtain or access NAAS Award application forms and associated literature?
A Currently, the primary methods to obtain NAAS award literature are:

  1. Purchase an NAAS Subscription; NAAS Subscribers have access to privileged online literature, including applications;

  2. Purchase individual applications via the NAAS eForm Shopping cart;

  3. Submit a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) and enclose the required handling fee to an NAAS authorized application distributor[

  4. Request NAAS Application forms from your respective guidance counselor.

Q I sent a request for NAAS forms via the U.S. mail, and received no response. Why?
A If you requested literature via the U.S. mail, please allow at least 10 days after we receive your request. Please note that requests via U.S. mail are not recommended, but we do honor such requests only for an NAAS Multi-Media Packet.

Q What is the individual cost to apply for each NAAS award?
A Generally, there are no fees to apply for an NAAS Award. The document fee is generally the only fee. However, NAAS eDonor Applications may have a fee depending upon individual donor(s). Also, paper-based forms may an application and/or handling fee(s).

Q What is the fee to become an NAAS Subscriber?
A Please review the NAAS Subscription Order form. Fees may vary per school term.

Q Why was I not issued an an NAAS ID and password immediately after I purchased an NAAS Subscription?
A Typically, 99% of subscribers receive immediate (within seconds) access to privileged areas of the NAAS-NEWS website after payment has been made, and receive a special login credentials (an NAAS USER ID and password) within 72 hours of verified payment. However, errors may develop along the way that prevent the issuance of login credentials if these conditions happen:

  1. The user/subscriber submits an e-mail address during the registration on an NAAS User Registration form process that is different than the e-mail address supplied to Paypal;
    Note: [The technical solution for this issue is for the user to ensure that the e-mail address he/she supplies on the NAAS set his/her AOL browser default security settings to the minimum level while the user successfully navigates through the entire NAAS Subscription process. Once payment has been made, the user should retore the security controls to the default level. ]

  2. The user is a subscriber to AOL, or uses the AOL connection to access the Internet while navigating the NAAS Subscription process. America Online has numerous default security variables that may unintentionally prohibit or intefere with Paypal/NAAS system variables.
    Note: [The technical solution for this issue is for the user to set his/her AOL browser default security settings to the minimum level while the user is navigating through the NAAS Subscription process; and/or to use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher during the navigation subscription process until the NAAS User ID/password have been issued.]

Q How do I obtain a password as a paid subscriber if I was not issued one within 72 hours of purchase?
A The vast majority of all paid subscribers are issued an NAAS User ID and Password within 72 hours of purchase of their subscription. The primiary reason for this anamoly is due to the factors discussed in this FAQ section, as well as a convergence of security risk analysis software and NAAS EAS/N2 Rules that raises a security issue; and/or the paid subscriber was using a selected browser not deemed optimum for the NAAS websites.

Nonethless, the %5 or less users do not encounter this issue. The steps which a paid subscriber must take to be issued an NAAS Subscribers if he/she was nor originally issued onw through the normal process, are as follws:

  1. The paid subscriber must notify NAAS staff that he/she was not issued an NAAS password and login credentials within 30 days of purchase by first completing NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 001 (Help form) or NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002, Special Contact form. Indicate subject matter of inquiry as 'I want an NAAS ID & Password';<
  2. After receipt of your electronic inquiry, an NAAS Analyst will review your claim:

  3. Upon verification of your paid status, and upon verification that you were not issued oficial NAAS login credentials, NAAS will internally dispense temporary login credentials that will last the duration of your subscription, or until we resolve the technical glitch, whichever is first.

  4. Within 72 hours and after testing of the login credentials, NAAS will externally release an official set of NAAS login credentials to your registered e-mail address. You must use the dispensed credentials on NAAS EAS/N2 Form NAAS EAS/N2 Form 0050. This form is the Official NAAS No-Password Login form. To use this form, a user must first be a paid subscriber, and must have not been issued an NAAS ID and NAAS Login password within the traditional 24 to 72 hours of a subscription purchase. Attempts by to others to use the form will not be valid, and may result suspension of privileges to access the NAAS website.

Q Must I be invited, or nominated, or sponsored by a school inorder to compete in an NAAS competition?
A No. Neither an invitation, nomination, or private sponsorship is necessary. Only eligible NAAS subscribers may compete. This keeps the pool of applicants low, and creates a greater opportunity for the applicants.

Q Am I, as an NAAS Subscriber, guaranteed to be selected as a semi-finalist?
A No. No participant in any NAAS-related competition is ever guaranteed a position or status in any phase of the competition. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY AWARDS.

Q If I am contacted as a semi-finalist, am I guaranteed to be re-contacted again to further compete in the competition?
A No. Candidates whom do not advance beyond the semi-finalist stage will not receive any further personal notices or announcements from Sponsor; however, said parties may keep abreast of the competition by readily accessing and viewing the NAAS-NEWS content available to subscribers.

Q If I am not a NAAS award applicant, can I rely upon or use an older version of an application and submit the same for consideration of an award?
A No. We do not accept old or out-dated paper-based applications. All applications submitted must be current.

Q What is eNAAS EAS/N2 Form 000?
A eNAAS EAS/N2 Form 000 is an official electronic version of our NAAS Multi-Media Application system. It is the electronic version of a standard NAAS application that combines all NAAS merit-based awards under a single form. It allows one application to be submitted for the NAAS Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and NAAS-II awards, at the same time.

Q Are there any external factors and/or unforseen contingencies that may adversely impact your ability to to disburse monetary awards during a competition term?
A With respect to any NAAS competition period, external factors, forward-looking statements, and unforseen contingencies above and beyond the control and/or anticipation of sponsor may have adverse material affects with respect to the ability to extend a competition period to a new term or the completion of an existing term, or maintain anticipated funding levels, as well as the ability to approve and authorize the remittance of any monetary award(s) during such a term. These external factors and unforseen contingencies are represented in certain forward-looking statements as defined more fully per NAAS EAS/N2 Rules; e.g., NAAS EAS/N2 Rules 732-735.

Q What are some of the risks and uncertanties associated with a typical sponsorship of a merit-based program?
A With respect to a typical sponsorship of a merit-based program, certain risks and uncertainties may include the following:

  1. The risks and uncertainties of a program sponsor to attract qualified and capable prospective candidates;
  2. The risks and uncertainties that most eligible candidates will use and rely upon the Internet as a medium for information and business commerce;
  3. The risks and uncertainties that more schools, universities, and non-profit organizations will continue to develop and integrate electronic-based applications in favor of paper-based applications;
  4. The risks and uncertainty in the fact that there can be no assurance that the Internet infrastructure will continue to be able to support the demands placed on it by this continued growth;
  5. The risks and uncertainties associated with delays in the development or adoption of new standards and protocols to handle increased levels of Internet activity or increased governmental regulation could slow or stop the growth of the Internet as a viable medium for business commerce;
  6. The risks and uncertainties associated with critical issues concerning the commercial use of the Internet (including security, reliability, accessibility and quality of service) remain unresolved and may adversely affect the growth of Internet use or the attractiveness of its use for business commerce;
  7. The failure of the necessary infrastructure to further develop in a timely manner or the failure of the Internet to continue to develop rapidly as a valid medium for business would have a negative impact on the Company's results of operations;
  8. The risks and uncertainties associated with the reliance upon guidance counselors, teachers, professionals, and other persons having significant contact and influence upon the decisions of students to inform such students of the availability of NAAS awards in a timely manner;
  9. The risks and uncertainties associated with the belief that numerous financial-aid search services, book publishers, authors, news paper periodicals, and others in the publishing field may continue to voluntarily inform prospective candidates of the availability of NAAS Awards program in a timely manner;
  10. The risks and uncertainties that sponsor may face with respect to its inherent obligations or intended actions;
  11. Actions or intentions of Sponsor may be delayed or may become impossible because of an act of GOD, war, earthquake, fire, strike, sickness, accident, civil commotion, epidemic, financial distress, any act of government, martial law, or any act(s) of terrorism, or any other cause, explicit or implicit, that cannot be reasonably predicted or forseen by program sponsors;
  12. The risks and uncertainties of the unforseen, unknown, imprecision, and other factors that are beyond the control Sponsor and/or Administrator.

Q Do holders NAAS Subscribers pay any processing and/or administration fees associated with an NAAS award?
A No. NAAS Subscribers are provided beta (b )form NAAS Applications; these forms require no application and/or processing fee.

Q Why was the certified package that I sent to NAAS unclaimed and not picked up by your staff?
A For safety and security, we do not accept unsolicited special packages from persons who do not hold an NAAS subscriber license or who do not first complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002. To send sponsor or administrator, or any agent or asigneee thereof, any sort of special package such as a package sent via certied U.S. mail, express U.S. mail,registered U.S. mail, FED-EX, DHL, Airborne Express, the sender must have either be an active NAAS subscriber or have completed said form referenced hereinabove.

Q I sent a certified package to NAAS USA Fund, and your staff claimed that they never received it. Why?
A For safety and security, we do not accept unsolicited special packages from persons who do not hold an NAAS subscriber license or who do not first complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002. Even if your package was accepted, it does not mean it was read, understood, or processed. All mail that is sent via certified U.S. mail to National Academy of American Scholars, or an agent related thereto, is placed in a distribution queue and compared to electronic responses to NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002. If the sender's name and address matches the name and address of the person who completed NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002, and a valid NAAS Ticket Order # is generated then the certified mail is processed pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules. This same rules apply for any mail or parcel sent via registered U.S. mail, FED-EX, DHL, Airborne Express, or any special courier service.

Q What is the difference between a beta and alpha NAAS application?
A The alpha application is denoted by a alpha mathematical symbol. It is for NAAS Subscribers. It does not require an Authorization Code to execute. The beta application is denoted by a beta mathematical symbol. It is for non-NAAS Subscribers, and it does require an Authorization Code to execute. Both alpha and beta come in electronic formats, and may require Adobe Acrobat Reader applications to download, and print. Addtionally, a beta competition does not yield a monetary award; however, a beta application and a beta competition are mutually exclusive.

Q What is the value of a beta-stage competition if no monetary value is involved?
A A beta-stage competition is excellent for gauging user and competition interest. For sponsorship opportunities, and corporate funding, we need to assess market interest. Names and addresses of beta applicants are kept on file for two years, and if during that time, the award(s) develop into alpha events, such participants will be the first to be considered; no additional or new fees need to be remitted.

Q If I am fortunate to be selected as a semi-finalist, am I guaranteed to be contacted again and utimately win?
A No. There is no guarantee that a semi-finalist will be contacted again for further consideration, and there is no guarantee that any semi-finalist will win.

Q With respect to any NAAS competition period, how do you decide to issue monetary awards for the competition term?
A Monetary award amounts may be reflective of a number of factors, including the statistical pool of compliant candidates. Subject to NAAS EAS/N2 rules, anything short of this statistical pool of quality candidates would nullify the disbursement of monetary awards for the affected term.

Q What is the criteria to become a NAAS semi-finalist?
A With respect to any NAAS competition period, merit, integrity, character, academic strength, demonstration of a desire to better humanity, creativity, respect for the NAAS merit philosophy, respect for NAAS ethics, and the ability to read, understand, and strictly follow written instructions are some of the criteria used to evaluate potential candidates for semi-finalists approval.

Q Must I provide accurate and truthful information, and will I held accountable for any statements?
A Yes. All statements, reports, letters of recommendation, and the like, made during, after, or before the application, review, nomination, evaluation, and pre-approval period must be accurate, truthful, and complete. If approved for an award, such statements may be incorporated into a set of written conditions, i.e., Policy Statement, that may be used to retain award. For example, you cannot apply for an award on behalf of another student. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of a statement or document, or you do not reasonably believe you can achieve certain goal(s) then we recommend that you do not include such items on your application.

Q May I benefit even if I do not win an award?
A Yes, you may benefit. When the awards were originally established, the mere honor of winning and/or being considered for an NAAS award(s) was considered a great achievement in itself. To this day, most applicants and parents still hold true to that standard. After over 15 years of sponsorship, many participants and institutions highly respect the honor and dignity of an NAAS award. Many applicants have commented how the competition and preparation process has better served them.

Q When is the deadline to submit electronic-based applications?
A Electronic-based applications should be time-stamped no later than February 15th.

Q What are the major corrections, if any, for the current NAAS term, insofar as material previously released?
A Please review the NAAS Blog or a current copy of the NAAS Financial-aid Report for known or suspected major material errors in any literature that may adversely affect a current NAAS competiton term.

Q Is it required that my guidance counselor review or approve of my electronic-based application?
A No. electronic-based application may be completed entirely from either a public or at-home computer. No assistance from any non-subscriber or guidance counselor(s) is necessary in any phase of the application process. Students may submit applications entirely on their own.

Q What if I have already submitted my electronic application but I made a typo error in the essay, etc.?
A Prior to submission of an electronic-based application, a user will be prompted if he/she wishes to make any changes. At that time, the user/applicant MUST make his/her intended change(s). No other opportunity will be provided except if the user desires to submit an entirely new application.

Q What if February 15 falls on a Sunday or President's Day? Will the deadline be extended the following Monday?
A Yes. If February 15th falls on a Sunday or President's Day then electronic-based applications may be time-stamped no later than February 16th.

Q How long does it normally take to process a properly completed electronic-based application?
A Electronic-based applications are processed immediately and individually upon receipt. Paper-based applications may take up to 60 business days to process the completed application.

Q What do I do if I purchased selected issues of Scholarship Watch or subscribed to the newsletter but I still have not received my merchandise?
A Electronic-based issues of our newsletter are available to any legitimate purchaser(s).

Q Does Sponsor accept unsolicited third-party communication on behalf of an applicant?
A No. All unsolicited third-party, non-governmental, parental, family communication is prohibited pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 39. Third-party communication is defined by NAAS EAS/N2 Notice #12, which states, in general:
"...any communication or correspondence from any party other than the official applicant of record. Prohibited unsolicited communications includes, but is not limited to, that communication or correspondence from any parent, guardian, teacher, friend, relative, legal counsel, employer, etc....". This policy helps to ensure that maximum protection is afforded to the privacy rights of applicants. We have a zero-tolerance policy in regards to the protection and safe-guarding confidential student data. However, applicant may instantly waive this right pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 52 subject to the condition that applicant remits his waiver request on a form approved by Sponsor.

Q What are the standards by which applicants are chosen?
A Prospective candidates are selected based upon a variety of criteria and objective standards that encompasses individual merit, appreciation for pure, merit-based programs, and all information submitted by candidate with his/her application.

Q If I e-mail a message to Sponsor what must I generally include in the message?
A To ensure the best possible service, all subscribers whom have an e-mail inquiry mut complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 001; this is official NAAS contact form. In general, all incoming e-mail messages sent from an applicant or parent to an applicant must contain a reference to the sender's e-mail address; the sender's physical street address; the sender's home phone number (indicating the best time to call), and the name of the high school or college the sender currently attends.

To ensure the best possible service, if e-mail is from an institution or non-subscriber then such person(s) must complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002.

Note: Correspondence that does not conform to the format mentioned above, or is not conducted on an official NAAS form WILL NOT be responded to.

Q Are all e-mail messages responded to?
A No. Generally, all electronic messages are responded to subject to the conditions expressed in this web presentation, as well as subject to the condition that the electronic correspondence is not already answered or favorably addressed in Sponsor's web presentation.

Q If I telephone Sponsor or affiliates , agents, representatives of the same, what information must I provide to the answering party?
A All incoming telephone messages (and each number) may be recorded/logged for quality assurance purposes and must come from an identifiable telephone number and party. Make sure any Caller ID features you have are disabled when you telephone. Each telephone call made in regards to the subject program and products/services must contain the following information in addition to being clearly identifiable:

  1. The caller's full name (First, Last, Middle initial);
  2. The caller's physical street address (no post office boxes);
  3. The caller's association with any entity such as a school, company, agency, or publisher;
  4. If caller is not calling on behalf of a company, school, or other non-natural person, caller must identify his/her status (e.g., high school senior, college student, parent; Scholarship Watch subscriber)
  5. Each caller should also provide operator with his/her e-mail address;
  6. Each caller should also provide the telephone operator with a return telephone number that will accept collect telephone calls;
  7. Lastly, each telephone caller must clearly identify the reason(s) for the telephone call.

Note: This is NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 25. Telephone callers whom fail to adhere to the above rules may not receive a return response.

Q Are all telephone messages responded to?
A Telephone messages are responded subject to NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.

Q What type of telephone messages are not responded to?

  1. Telephone messages in violation of NAAS Rule EAS-25
  2. Telephone messages received or made outside of a pre-stated deadline.
  3. Telephone messages that make oral requests for literature. All requests for literature must be in writing or be accessed on-line.
  4. Telephone messages that represent redundant questiona that are already answered in this web presentation or on the actual application. If a question is not already answered then such a question will need further research and it must therefore be addressed in writing.
  5. Telephone messages making any type of oral requests when the objective of the request can also be accomplished by writing or e-mail.
  6. Telephone messages requesting to be added to our mailing list. Requests to be added on our mailing list can be accomplished on-line free-of-charge.
  7. Telephone messages from callers using any sort of Caller-ID services or any sort of communicative device that shields the caller's name, and/or telephone number. For security, we must be able to identify all in-coming calls. The telephone number provided must match the name displayed on our Caller-ID screen unless caller is calling from an educational institution or other organizational entity.
  8. Telephone messages by financial aid counselors attempting to orally verify and/or acknowledge that donations were received on behalf of a particular student/recipient. All donations received must be acknowledged in writing and be on official university and/or collegiate stationery. Furthermore, acknowledgement letters must be in accordance with an official Donor Verification Form prepared and published by Sponsor, or an authorized agent or representative of the same.
  9. Telephone messages to the Select Committee. Select Committee does not accept *any* telephone calls other than calls received from or made specifically by semi-finalists, finalists, and recipients.
  10. Telephone messages from a third party inquiring about another student's application. Our policy is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all applicants. We do not respond to third-party inquiries seeking information on any applicant regardless of the title or position of the third party unless we receive a written waiver from the student/applicant.
  11. Telephone messages professing a technical problem with this web presentation. All questions concerning technical problems must be sent via e-mail by completing the appropriate e-mail form page.
  12. Telephone messages regarding an inadvertent mistake or issue insofar as an already remitted application. Mistakes or ommissions must be in writing.
  13. Telephone messages requesting a refund. All refund requests must be made within the time-period allowed, and must include all of the required pieces of supporting documentation to verify the authenticity of the request. As a general rule, our policy is NO REFUNDS.
  14. Telephone messages requesting that any sort of documentation, material, or property that has already been submitted as part of the application process be returned to sender. All property, documentation, or any material submitted to Sponsor, including any afffliate(s), licensors, and/or agent(s) thereof, is considered to be the property of the Sponsor and will not be returned under any condition.
  15. Telephone messages that are not relevant to any aspect of the subject program.
  16. Telephone messages seeking to know the status of any award applicant's completed application. We do not provide individual status reports to any applicant.
  17. Telephone messages seeking to know the status of a mailed request for award literature. We do not accept requests for literature using the U.S. Postal Service. If you rely upon the U.S. Postal Service for delivery of materials that can otherwise be obtained free of charge by accessing the same on-line then we will not assume any liability for your choice. Sponsor is not responsible for the negligence, failure, omissions, misfeasance, malfeasance, laches, and/or mistakes (intentional or inadvertent) of the U.S. Postal Service, or parties under the direction of said agency.
  18. Telephone messages from non-eligible parties or parties that seek to clarify whether or not they are eligible. Applicant eligibility criteria is listed on application and posted on this web presentation.
  19. Telephone messages regarding expired applicants whom have already submitted applications from a previous competition term but is attempting to address an issue outside of the stated deadline date(s). All questions and acts regarding the subject program must be in strict adherence to the published guidelines and applicable NAAS EAS/N2 Rules.
  20. Telephone messages regarding a complaint, inquiry, grievance, or concern must be in writing via NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002 (NAAS Special Contact Form).
  21. Telephone calls in violation of NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 26, and Rule 27, or calls made to any entity other than to an official authorized agent that has been specifically designated as agent to accept such calls in response to questions, concerns, or inquiries of the subject program(s).
Note: The above restrictions may be cited and referred to by NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 24 (a/k/a/ NAAS Telephone Inquiry Rule)

Q Are unsolicited telephone calls accepted during an NAAS competition period?
A No. Callers must first complete NAAS EAS/N2 FORM GEC 001, or NAAS EAS/N2 GEC FORM 002, whichever is applicable. NAAS does not accept nor respond to telemarket communications.

Q Must all telecommunication inquiries be transmitted to a specific authorized agent?
A Yes. Pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 27, all telecommunication inquiries with respect to any aspect of the subject programs and/or services must be be made to a general NAAS information number. The number is area code seven-zero-two, nine thirty-two, thirty-two, fifty. Telephone callers whom fail to adhere to this rule, including, but not limited to any ancillary rule(s) may be subject to disqualification from the subject program without further notice or forewarning.

Q How long does it take for an authorized agent to respond to a telephone call?
A Subject to the conditions above, and depending on the time of the seasonal backlog, please allow at least thirty calendar days to receive an initial call back.

Q May the award be deferred for one year if I am part of a study abroad program that allows me to go overseas and study for one year after graduating from high school?
A Yes. The award may be deferred for a maximum of one year. However, applicants must initiate or indicate their desire for such a request.

Q How are selections made?
A All applicants are judged on the basis of all information supplied on and with the application, including academic merit, character, and the essay. Semi-finalists may be selected by members of a Selection Committee and/or program administrator. No awards are dedicated to specific geographic areas. All awards are based solely on the merits of the applicant. Due to the Privacy Act (P.L.93-380), program administrator(s) and/or sponsor cannot discuss the basis for any final decisions made by the Committee. The award notification letter and this web site represents our full disclosure.

Q Will my S.A.T. or A.C.T. scores be the primary determinant as to whether or not I become a semi-finalist or award winner?
A No. Students may or may not list their scores. If listed, the scores will be reviewed but will not be given any extra weight. The primary factors that will determine your selection status will be a combination of the essay (which will demonstrate your writing ability, creativity, etc.), your involvement in extra-curricular activities, community programs, recommendation letters, and other subjective criteria that will help the Committee to evaluate your qualifications better.

Q When will I be notified of the decision?
A Only award winners will be personally notified of the ultimate decisions affecting their application. We regret, due to budgetary concerns, that we cannot and will not remit any personal notices to non-recipients. The names of Finalist nominees may also be posted at the NAAS NEWS section of this web presentation. Each person nominated to be an award recipient is notified via electronic communications.

Q What If I, as an applicant, simply refuse to read the NAAS NEWS section?
Reading our NEWS sections is not required. However, applicants whom elect not to read or access the NAAS NEWS section and applicants whom have registered their e-mail address but refuse to keep themselves abreast of the competition by periodically checking their e-mail inventory systems or whom refuse to timely repair, upkeep, or timely fix any problems that may be associated with their e-mail acceptance system(s), are deemed to have automatically waived their right of any notification.

Q May I phone, write, fax, or e-mail sponsor or Select Committee members *after February 15* to inquire about the status of my completed application?
A No. Applicant may be disqualified for forwarding unauthorized correspondence to sponsor during the selection period. All questions or issues concerning application requests or incomplete applications or inquiries about how to complete the application must be sent to NAAS E-mail form by the applicant of record no later than February 15th unless extended longer. Applicant risk points deducted from his/her application for violating this rule. Sponsor does not provide a formal notice of disqualification or loss of points.

Q Does Sponsor release individual status reports on completed applications to individual applicants during any phase of the selection process?
A No. We **do not** release or provide preliminary "status reports" to individual applicants. The entire and complete report of award recipients, Commendable Scholars and top Ten Finalists is published in the applicable issues of Scholarship Watch newsletter and made available to the general public as a whole.

What are some of the problems that may prevent me from receiving confirmation of my e-mail registration?
A In cases where there was technical error(s) associated with the recipients e-mail address; the e-mail registrant changed his/her e-mail address during the competition term; or, in cases where the e-mail server of the e-mail registrant was 'down' for routine maintenance; or, in case where the e-mail address was returned as 'non-deliverable', etc., then of course those e-mail registrants could not be contacted. Sponsor is not responsible for technical problems outside of its scope or ability. All computer servers undergo routine maintenance at times. During this maintenance or down time, an electronic notice could have been sent by sponsor. In order to make the e-mail registry more efficient, sponsor routinely elects to remove 'defective' or non-deliverable e-mail addresses from the Registrant database. All status reports are also posted at our NAAS NEWS site for paid NAAS Subscribers. Due to budgetary and time constraints, we cannot comply with requests to send 'status reports' via snail or first-class mail.

Q Is there an appeal process after selections are made?
A No. The decision of the Committee/Administrator is final and not subject to dispute. By submitting application, applicant agrees to accept the decision of the Selection Committee and/or Administrator without debate; and furthermore, the applicant and the parent(s)/guardian(s) of applicant indemnifies program administrator(s) and/or sponsor,including N.A.A.S., and all affiliates of N.A.A.S., against and agrees to hold the same harmless from any loss, damage, claim of damage, liability or expense arising out of or resulting from any aspect of the award application and/or the advertised award program. This is NAAS Rule EAS-30A.

Q How does program sponsor or program announcer handle out-dated information reported about the award program by third-party vendors?
A Unfortunately, we have no control over the use of incorrect, out-dated, or expired information that may be reported by third party vendors such as scholarship search services regarding the NAAS-USA Award program or other products or services associated with sponsor. Information regarding the NAAS-USA Awards program, including terms, and award amounts, is subject to revision and/or change with out formal notice. Therefore, it is understandable that some publisher's or search services may not contain current information. We recommend that each applicant identify the source of his/her information directly on the application.

Q As an applicant, am I required to send official transcripts from my high school with my completed application?
A No. Only semi-finalists may be required to provide proof of their test results and transcripts.

Q What if I wish to pursue my educational pursuits outside the United States, will the award still be honored?
A Good question. The answer to this question depends upon recipient's designated choice to receive the funds. If the designated entity or beneficiary is a lawfully recognized and legitimate entity subject to American jurisdiction then generally we would not anticipate any problems. However, each matter may be subject to review and a decision may be issued on a case-by-case basis thereafter.

Q How do you acknowledge receipt of an electronic-based application?
A Each user is sent an electronic reply along with details of the application submitted.

Q How can I be sure that my electronic application was or is being processed?
A An electronic receipt represents proof of processing.

Q What is the sponsor's check acceptance policy?
A We do not accept personal checks because of the possible NSF fees assessed by the banks.

Q What if I decide to pursue a Masters or Ph.D. degree and I win one of the awards, will the award help pay for any of these advanced degrees?
A Recipient may elect to use the funds in any manner that is consistent with the ideals of the program: educational, beneficial to society, scientific, and/or charitable.

Q If I am unhappy with my award application after I applied and I wish to cancel my application may I obtain a refund?
A There are no refunds for a submitted aectronic-based applications because no fee was assessed to apply. Refund policy is governed by NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 40. Pursuant to said rule, all transactions are final and no refunds will be made. Additionally, there are no refunds for orders or subscriptions to Scholarship Watch newsletter, the NAAS Financial-aid Report, or any other NAAS product or service.

Q May I obtain a refund simply on the basis that I did not receive an award?
A No. We cannot authorize or provide wholesale refunds to applicants on the mere basis of being unsuccessful candidates (i.e., not being selected for an award).

Q Am I eligible if I am already a college student?
A Yes. College students may appliy for an NAAS award if he/she meets the stated criteria. In general, college students may apply for the NAAS-II award .

Q I am in in a special program that allows me to finish my senior year in high school as a college freshmen. Can I still apply for both series of NAAS awards since I am *both* a high school senior and a college freshman?
A Yes, provided that you comply with the posted deadline requirements for submission of a completed application.

Q May I receive a listing of the full names and addresses of the previous year's award recipients?
A The full name of the winners and their respective high schools may be published in certain paid editions of Scholarship Watchnewsletter. However, we cannot violate the privacy rights of any applicant or award recipient by releasing personal data such as their private street address, personal phone number, social security number, etc. The award recipients are minors and sponsor only has their permission to publish their names in accordance with the Federal Privacy Act (Public Law 93-380).

Q Are the awards confined to a particular geographic area?
A No. NAAS Awards are not confined to a specific geographic area, but rather are offered to eligible students on a nationwide basis.

Q What is the purpose in providing or sponsoring merit-based awards?
A Please refer to our introductory announcement letter

Q Do universities and colleges also benefit from the creation and use of pure-merit-based programs?
A Yes. Candidates whom have elected to use the awards for educational purposes and whom enroll in a college or university obviously enrich the schools they attend. As attested to by the many letters of support that we receive from universities and colleges, our research suggests that educational institutions greatly benefit from pure-merit-based programs. Most university financial aid programs are endowed in such a way that all potential candidates *must * attend the specific school or university and must complete a specific major. However, such awards are very limited and only a few candidates can hope to benefit. Students who even wind up winning such an award oftentimes return the unused funds because of the many restrictions.

Pure-merit-based awards and universities are a near perfect match because the program sponsor implicitly helps to attract enrollment at a school that a superior student may not have otherwise thought to attend if it were not for the financial incentives of the pure award. Therefore, wise and competent financial aid counselors see the benefits of a pure-merit-based program and such persons may recommend that their top notch students seek opportunity through such programs.

Q If I win an award, must I pay taxes on the awards?
A NAAS administrators are not taxing authorities. However, we do not personally assess any "tax(es)" on your awards. For advice about paying federal and/or state taxes, please consult with your local tax advisor. Sponsor is not responsible for any advice or consultation regarding accounting or taxes.

Q What if I need to notify sponsor of a change of address after the February 15th deadline date?
A Applicant must complete NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 001, and include both the new address and the previous e-mail address that applicant claims was previously registered.

Q Am I eligible if I am a senior attending a non-traditional school, or home-school?
A Yes. On a case-by-case basis, seniors attending non-traditional schools or being home-schooled may compete

Q If I am out of town and I have an urgent question, or I am too busy, is it all right to have my father or mother or other relative contact sponsor?
A Sponsor prohibits third-party communications about s completed application pursuant to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 39, supra. Applicant is responsible for all tasks associated with the application process. Said tasks are not assignable or transferable. However, a parent, teacher, or guardian is always welcome to submit general questions any time about the application process by merely submitting said question(s) on an approved NAAS electronic form(s).

Candidates should be aware, however, that Sponsor considers the conduct of any third party who is acting on behalf of any applicant, whether such conduct is approved or unapproved by applicant, to be the true and accurate conduct of applicant and all such conduct will be imputed to be the conduct of the applicant per NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 45.

Q I saw some commercial scholarship search services and certain publications that list information about the NAAS awards program. Why is their information incomplete or inaccurate?
A The best source for accurate information is always the sponsor. We have very little control over third party sources who decide to publish information about NAAS awards without the knowledge of program sponsor(s). Although the intentions of search services and listing agencies is often honorable but information regarding the subject award programs is subject to change without notice.

Q Are there any other fees or 'upfront' fees for the award recipient once an award is finalized?
A The answer is NO. There has never been an 'upfront' collection fee to receive an award. Semi-finalists and winners do not, under any circumstance, remit additional fees during any subsequent phase(s) of the subject program.

Q What is the total amount of each award?
A The total amount of each award varies from tern to term. Past NAAS Awards have varied from $5,000 Bronze to $25,000 Platiunum. Past award amounts and terms, however, is not to be construed as representative of future, pending, and/or anticipated amounts or terms.

Q If each primary award is renewable, and I am a Platinum recipient, does this mean that I get the $10,000 per year if the award states a value of $10,000?
A No. The "Total" amount means the "total" amount. If you are nominated and approved for a Platinum award, and if the total for that award is $10,000, your award amount will total $10,000 subject to any penalties or forfeitures you may have incurred during the nominating process and/or during any time of the life of the award, and subject to your award being satisfactorily renewed for the original tender amount. Subject to your satisfactory perfomance and/or meeting the conditions for retention of the award, the award may be disbursed via installment payments and each installment is renewable. The minimum installment period is over four-years.

Q What are the requirements to retain an NAAS award once it has been awarded?
A Good question. All requirements are a direct function of all information Supplied by applicant to program administrator(s) and/or sponsor. This information consists of, but is not limited to, the award application and all documentation submitted therewith or attached thereto, including the semi-finalist telephone interview (if applicable), semi-finalist questionnaire, the essay, and whatever goals, aspirations, or inducements presented by applicant during any phase of the application process and/or semi-finalist procedure. Based upon information provided by applicant, all terms, conditions, and requirements, are re-stated in an official Policy Statement. The violation of any terms or conditions of a Policy Statement, or the violation of the NAAS Honor Code of Ethics, Integrity, and Character (NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 507) may initiate a termination, revocation, cancellation, or reduction in monetary value of the award.

Q How often must I renew my award?
A All awards must be renewed every six months, or no later than 10 calendar days prior to the end of the first 180 calendar day cycle upon which the award officially commenced, and continuing thereafter for each subsequent and successive 180 calendar day cycle until all payments have either been received, or unless the award is either terminated, extinguished, cancelled, or revoked earlier. All awards that are not automatically renewed by the stated or referenced deadline are terminated without further notice to the recipient, and deemed officially expired. The NAAS-NEWS.INFO website contains the most current information about Forward-looking statements and retention of awards.

Q How do I renew my award?
A The first step to submit a case for award renewal for any NAAS award is to complete an eNAAS EAS/N2 Form 000, an online NAAS Award Application. Upon evaluation, Sponsor will inform Recipient if his/her award was renewed within 45 calendar after submission.

Q Is there a minimum G.P.A. requirement to retain an NAAS award once it has been awarded?
A Good question. A G.P.A. requirement may be included in a Policy Statement if the award is used for educational purposes, and recipient decides to use funds to pursue educational goals at a college or university. The minimum default GPA to maintain an NAAS Award under such conditions is 3.2 based upon a 4.0 grade scale. However, exact criteria is unique per each recipient per each category of an NAAS award since information submitted by each nominee is unique to that nominee.

Q Is there a minimum administrative standard or requirement to retain an NAAS award once it has been awarded?
A Good question. The minimum administrative standard or requirement to retain an NAAS award is the requirement that each recipient must officially re-apply for the same award each year within 30 calendars days of his/her offical award Notice Date. The Notice Date may be printed on both the Award announcement letter and the Policy Statement.

Q Is the requirement to re-apply each year for an NAAS award consistent with any particular NAAS Rule?
A Good question. The requirement to re-apply each year for an NAAS award is consistent with the NAAS Rule of Generality.

Q Is it required that each award recipient be afforded the OPPORTUNITY to re-apply each year for an NAAS award?
A Good question. Maybe. Unless an award has already been revoked, suspended, or terminated, generally a recipient is afforded an opportunity to re-apply. It is not required that any NAAS Award recipient be afforded a blank-check for the opportunity to re-apply. The NAAS Rule of Generality, or the existing Policy Statement, generally governs whether or not a recipient is afforded the opportunity to have his his/her award renewed. Also, the recipieny must be in Good-Standing with all other terms of his/her award.

Q In a nutshell, what guidelenes do program administrators follow insofar as allowing a recipient to retain or renew his/her NAAS Award once it has been awarded?
A Historically, the central criteria relied upon by program administrators is based upon donor philosophy: NAAS Rule of Generality. In general, the Rule of Generality requires that the exact same standards that were applied to select and/or approve a specific recipent shall be the same standards expected of that exact same award recipient to retain his/her award. In other words, after having won an award and after having received an initial payment, it is no legitimate defense to be lax, less diligent, less articulate, less courteous, less respectful of published rules and printed guidelines, less academically successful, less prone to display leadership qualities, less honest, less involved in his/her community, more prone to ommissions, etc. Program administrators are required to enforce the high standards expected of an NAAS Scholar. The NAAS Rule of Generality is a common sense approach to the administration of a pure, merit-based award. Consequently, the higher the award, the greater the expectations and responsibilities required to retain the award.

Q Are there any NAAS copycats or wannabees?
A Yes! Unfortunately, some organizations may have attempted to sponsor merit-based awards or scholarships for the wrong reasons other than academic or humanity. They can be easily spotted. For more information on this subject, please read our NAAS Imposter Media Report, or NAAS Statment of Non-affiliation.

Q Will we pursue civil legal remedies against those persons or entities who engage in trademark or copyright infringement of our products, services?
A Yes! We will aggressively, tenaciously, and relentlessly, pursue all legal remedies as allowed by law to collect judgments, seize assets, and pursue exemplary, punitive, and compensatory damages and such other relief against violators of our rights or illegal infringements upon our services and/or ideas. Readers whom see similar programs by other unauthorized scholarship sponsors or donors that use or rely upon logos and/or intellectual property associated with N.A.A.S. should review NAAS Spam Report, as indexed on home page. For us to investigate, please provide us with their URL address, or a physical street address if possible. Also, please alert us if any of our information, such as our FAQ questions, our official disclaimers, either in the web site or those that appear on award literature, are copied by other web sites.

Q I am parent and/or a student and "I do not have access to the Internet". How do I know what the various rules are?
A Internet access may be accomplished through various means, including, but not limited to, the public library, your school, libraries at universities, colleges, internet cyber cafes, etc. Additionally, the prices of computing devices to connect to the Internet have fallen dramatically. It is assumed AND expected that any participant to an NAAS merit-based program has the industrial fortitude to access the Internet through one or more public means. We assumethat everyone knows at least one person with a computer. Parents and teachers have computers. Most employers have computers. This policy is generally cited as NAAS Provision #01002.

Q What is the Sponsor's policy on return of documents?
A The official policy on documents submitted to sponsor, as well as documents and/or memoranda submitted to agents, affiliates, licensors, or any person acting on behalf of sponsor, is very simple. All documents submitted to sponsor, namely, personal property, letters of any sort, academic transcripts, memoranda, certificates, photos, envelopes, and everything and anything tangible, becomes the sole and exclusive property of Sponsor and shall not be returned. This policy, however, may not be relevant to electronic-based users of the NAAS website since we do not handle physical matter. A student should not submit special pictures, original special award certificates, diskettes, cassettes, CD-ROMS, or anything of sentimental value unless he/she is willing to permanently part with such an item. In other words, generally all documents and/or material submitted become the property of Sponsor and are not returned. This policy extends to and includes documents mistakenly submitted. As part of Sponsor's Document Destruction Policy, all material submitted is subject to be securely destroyed to maintain applicant's privacy. For further guidance, please refer to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 33

Q What is the privacy policy of Sponsor?
A Our policy on privacy is very simple. We do not sell, lease, rent, or in any way, shape, or form divulge confidential information submitted by an applicant or parent to any third party, to any affiliate, or governmental agency except to the extent necessary to defend this organization based upon a consumer complaint, inquiry, grievance, initiated by the applicant himself/herfself or some person acting upon the applicant's behalf or in concert with applicant to a third party; and/or, subject to the extent necessary to cooperate in a legal, judicial, or governmental inquiry. For further guidance, please refer to NAAS EAS Rule 45.

In the event that consumer has a grievance, inquiry, or concern about Sponsor or affiliates of the same, it is necessary that consumer complete an Official NAAS Complaint/Grievance form. For further guidance, please refer to NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 46.

Q Does Sponsor "sell" applications?
A No. Applications may be accessed freely by NAAS Subscribers or via other means.

Q If I am named as a semi-finalist, am I guaranteed to be provided a list of the eventual recipients?
A No. Being named as a semi-finalists does not entitle an applicant to any special benefits not afforded the typical applicant. All recipients, Commendable Scholars, are named in Scholarship Watch.

Q May I, as an applicant or a participant in the subject award program, re-produce, re-transmit, or photo-copy the NAAS FAQ section or any portion thereof without written consent or permission from Sponsor?
A No. As stated in our legal disclaimer, no portion or part of *ANY* section, portion, or part of the or web presentation, including, but not limited to, the FAQ sections, may be re-produced, photo-copied, copied, re-transmitted, by any unauthorized person(s) without the express written consent of an officer, agent, or duly authorized representative of Sponsor.

Q After reading this entire web presentation, what if I still have question(s) that is/are not already answered and I personally feel that the question is relevant to the application process?
A Submit NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002 before the Q & A deadline, reference NAAS Rule A-2011, and include the following documentation and/or information:

  1. Applicant's physical street address (No post office boxes);
  2. Applicant's home or business phone number (indicating the best time to call);
  3. The name of Applicant's high school and its street address;
  4. Applicant's e-mail address;
  5. If the party who communicated to Sponsor is not a qualified applicant then the qualified Applicant must submit what is his/her relationship to that party with respect to the subject program. (Sponsor does not accept third-party communications; see NAAS EAS/N2 Rule 39, supra);
  6. Applicant must indicate in his/her reply electronic communication the principal reason or purpose of the correpondence;
  7. Applicant must supply or reference any supporting documentation that will support his/her position if requested to do so and must further perform the same in the time period and manner requested by Sponsor;
  8. Applicant must make sure that the correspondence is being sent during or throughout the Question & Answer period, which is from 8:00am, PDT, September 1, to 12:00 AM, PDT, midnight, February 15th; and,
  9. Applicant must complete and electronically submit the above-requested information onNAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002and select Rule A-2011.

Electronic correspondence that does not conform to the format mentioned above WILL NOT be responded to. All information submitted or supplied is subject to verification.

Q Why do we generally prohibit or limit the publication of officer names on the Internet?
A Good question. There are many good reasons. A brief sample of those reasons are recited hereinbelow. First and foremost, we are not a telemarketing organization. Consequently, we do not initiate nor do we advertise or solicit for the reception of incoming phone calls addressed to any particular person of this organization and related affiliates. We do not use or contract for the services of any salespersons. Nor does any officer or agent wish to be added to any sort of solicitation lists or requests for general donations, etc. Also, these reasons apply: 1.) Security and privacy of principal officers; 2.) No commercial mail-order and/or solicitation marketing lists; 3.) Sponsor, whether through its predecessor or agents, has in some form or fashion collectively sponsored merit-based awards for more than fifteen (15) years and has --- during that time ---- established an outstanding reputation that does not need nor rely upon on the mass publication of officer names in an uncontrolled medium like the Internet; 4.) Confidentiality and fairness of the entire selection process (from beginning to end) and to present the least opportunity for individual officers, employees, or agents of officers to be the beneficiaries or unwanted targets of gifts, offers, rewards, etc., 5.) etc.

Q After the course of the application SUBMISSION period (after February 15 but before September 1st of the next term), what if I still have question(s) that is/are not already answered in this web presentation and I personally feel that the question is relevant to the immediate preceding term and I feel my question(s) and/or concern(s) is/are not answered in any existing literature or this web presentation and the set of facts upon which I base my question(s) and/or concern(s) did not exist prior to or during the application REQUEST period of September 15 through February 1), and I do not wish to submit any questions or concerns via e-mail then where can I write to for additional information, and what must I include in my letter?
A First, make sure the question(s) and/or concern(s) is/are not already answered in this web presentation or the website(s) of the program sponsor(s) and/or administrator. Secondly, make sure you do not submit any inquiries, questions, or express your concerns during the time period whereby current or past applicants are time barred from submitting inquiries and/or questions. Third, all electronic and/or telephonic communications to Sponsor and/or agents and affiliates of the same must be initiated first by completing an Official NAAS E-mail Form page. After consideration of the foregoing, if you still feel that you have a question(s) that is not already answered in this web presentation , but you personally feel is relevant to the immediate preceding term then you must first address your request in accordance with NAAS EAS/N2 Rule B-2011. This rule governs post-application inquiries.

NAAS EAS/N2 Rule B-2011 requires that all valid and legitimate e-mail post-application inquiries and/or electronic communications must be submitted on an Official E-mail Contact Form no later than thirty calender days after February 15 or no later than calendar 30 days after having submitted his/her application, or no later than thirty calendar days after the immediately preceding term, or no later than midnight, 12:00am, PDT, September 1st, whichever is sooner, and MUST contain BOTH a RELEVANT question(s) that IS NOT already answered in either our web site or our literature AND the set of facts upon which the official applicant bases his/her question(s) and/or concern(s) MUST not have existed prior to or during the application REQUEST period of September 15 through February 1. To induce Sponsor and/or its agents and affiliates to intiate an inquiry inregards to the foregoing rule, the official applicant of record must provide the following requested documentation and/or information on NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002:

  1. Applicant's physical street address (No post office boxes);
  2. Applicant's home or business phone number (indicating the best time to call);
  3. The name of Applicant's high school and its street address;
  4. Applicant's e-mail address;
  5. If the party who communicated to Sponsor is not a qualified applicant then the qualified Applicant must submit what is his/her relationship to that party with respect to the subject program. (Sponsor does not accept third-party communications);
  6. Applicant must Indicate in his/her reply electronic communication the principal reason or purpose of the correpondence;
  7. Applicant must supply or reference any supporting documentation that will support his/her position if requested to do so and must further perform the same in the time period and manner requested by Sponsor;
  8. Applicant must include in his/her post-application inquiry a relevant question or concern that IS NOT already answered in either our web site or our literature AND the precise set of facts upon which the official applicant bases his/her question(s) and/or concern(s);
  9. Applicant must make sure that the correspondence has an electronic stamp date or post-mark that is no later than thirty calender days after February 15 or no later than 30 calendar days after having submitted his/her application, or no later than thirty calendar days after the immediately preceding term, or no later than midnight, 12:00am, PDT, September 1st, whichever is sooner; and,
  10. Applicant must complete and electronically submit the above-requested information on our official NAAS EAS/N2 Form GEC 002, and select Rule B-2011; The subject header must be Rule B-2011.

Electronic correspondence that does not conform to the format mentioned above WILL NOT be responded to. Subject to the condition that the question(s) is not already answered in this web presentation and subject to the condition that the information submitted is verifiable, and subject to the condition that the information and/or documentation submitted is on the Official N.A.A.S. E-mail Contact Form, and subject to the condition that requested information and/or documentation is complete per the terms and provisions above then please allow at least 60 to 90 business days for a response. All information submitted or supplied is subject to verification.

Q Where can I view a general summary of current key rules that govern this award program in general?
A Please view Summary of Key N.A.A.S. Rules. We recommend that all participants periodically review this page for current, new rules, and any amendments thereto. This page is constantly being updated and generally provides more up-to-date information. Also, the rules listed on the FAQ pages are general summaries where as the Summary of Key NAAS Rules page provides more comprehensive information.

Q What are the official requirements for your NAAS Video, Audio, Media contest?
A Please refer to website for details.

Q I have read all the questions and responses indicated in this FAQ section, and I exhausted my attempts to remedt this situation with NAAS agents and officers. Do you have an Official complaint form for such consumers?
A Consumers and/or aggrieved parties whom do not wish to resolve their concerns through our normal process, or through our normal mediation confer and consult routine, it is required that such parties first satisfactorily complete a NAAS EAS/N2 Form SP1066. To ensure the availability of documents and records, the deadline for an NAAS-USA complaint analyst to receive a completed Form SP 1066 is no later than 14 calendar after receipt of said form or no later than 30 calendar days after the alleged loss, claim, incident, or injury that represents the basis for completing a complaint form, whichever is earlier. Download NAAS EAS/N2 Form SP 1066

Q What is your position on charge-back requests initiated by the consumer?
A Numerous NAAS EAS/N2 Rules address both valid and invalid charge-back requests. For example, AAS EAS/N2 Rule 737, provides, in part: "Whomsoever completes NAAS EAS/N2 Form 0025, and submits the same for processing and consideration, and along therewith remits any subscription fee(s) to Sponsor or any agent of the same, and thereafter initiates, induces, commands, requests, or conspires to do the same, a 'PayPal Investigation of the Received Unauthorized Claim' against Sponsor, or any agent of the same, or a similar such claim, knowing that such claim(s) is either false, meritless, untrue, or misleading; and, the affect of such an act(s) causes Seller (The Companies) to be assessed a Charge-back against the account(s) of Company, then Buyer shall also be subsequently assessed an Unauthorized Chargeback Fee in the amount of three times the amount of the false claim or three times the amount of the ill-gotten expenses assessed against the Companies, whichever is greater. This expense does not include any administrative and/or legal costs in responding to and refuting such false claim(s)"

Q May unpaid charge-back fees be listed in the NAAS Bad-check register?
A Yes. Parties whom fail or refuse to re-imburse NAAS for unauthorized charge-backs will be assessed fees in accordance with NAAS EAS/N2 Rules. If those fees are not paid by the deadline, the debtor will be included in the NAAS Bad Check Registry.

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